Our former primary company, Levi Medica, was incorporated in 1977, but the experience in distributing state-of-the-art medical and biomedical products to Italian hospitals dates back to 1970. In 1991 Levi Biomedical, was initiated in a successful attempt to better co-ordinate selling efforts. The companys name slightly changed during the years leaving the Levi name as the common denominator. In 2007 in combination with ATS Medical Inc. we formed for the first time ever, ATS Medical Italia Srl, in 2010 Medtronic Inc. announced the acquisition of ATS Medical and we then continued as LeviBio Medica. Today Levi BioTech is leader in the cardiovascular field, dedicated, wide-ranging, specialized, and professional. We have been importing over the years specialty products such as mechanical and biological heart valves, heart failure devices, open heart cannulae, cardioplegia products, pediatric products, beating heart products, surgical atrial fibrillation treatment system, biological glue, TAVI and more including many new technologies and techniques. In value of our growing experience, our decision has been to specify and to excel in the Cardiovascular field, while broadening into new fields like Peripheral intervention, Vascular, Gastro, Bariatric and more. Technology, occasionally, is also clinical experience and reliability, which is why we are pleased to have kept key suppliers for decades, with regular sales increases. Our target is to carry on focusing and growing in this field but also aim to new prospects with extra efforts given by our newfound and higher potentials. www.levibio.it